Slumlord Millionaire
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I am the answer to your fianancial success.

Retired after 35 years in the hospitality business I founded Spankys and wrote and developed the blueprint for both Spankys and Macado's Restaurants. My success has included re habing hundreds of residential and commercial properties through out the Mid Atlantic States. Having received many historic revitalization awards as well as benefiting from  both tax incentives, government grants, and hud monies.

The book I have written Slumlord Millionaire is my blueprint for real estate success. As seen in building a portfolio and managing these properties and your financial future.

I am available for personal consultation, presentations to groups who have an interest in this knowledge as well as just asking a simple question. 

Feel free to contact me

Spanky Macher
or 540 529 9259

Roanoke Landlord Spanky Macher gets the front page news in the Roanoke Times regarding his Citizen Code Violations (CCV) protest against the Roanoke City Code Enforcement for attacking the citizens of Roanoke.
Macher and members of the CCV have been citing the city for their own violations in the understanding that the city should care for their own property in the same manor that they force the citizens of Roanoke to do through threats of $2,500 fines, liens on property and criminal charges placed against it's citizens. A number of people have responded to the CCV city violations with comments such as "it's about time someone stood up and let the city know we are fed up with these tyrannical forms of government" and "good job...that's a nice light hearted way to make a point that we are tired of being bullied by Roanoke City."